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Long time no see

I am really terrible, I haven't written for so long...

As usually I am still very busy knitting of course and busy with my doggie Iggy. He is my little boy

My last project were a pair of wristwarmers made with Noro silk garden sock yarn. Yummie.

Last weekend I visited a Nuno felting class in Austin which was very nice and interesting. With my one scarf I am not too happy, I put a kind of a corn base fiber on and it really doesn't look too nice and also it falls already off...with my silk based scarf the woolen top is pretty, but i dont like that the silk is white...I ordered more silk and when I make more scarves I will dye them first. It is a good idea to check the local Thrift stores for crinkle chiffon scarves...just in my area, there are really none to find in winter...
17.12.08 04:19

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