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Yesterday was a sad day...hubby was finally getting deployed to Iraq. The going back and forth was a little bit nerve wracking and I am very upset though how the airline was treating the soldiers. For days they were told their bags were only allowed to weigh 75 lbs. Hello? Where are they going please, not on vacation…
After dropping the bags they got word they could weigh 80lbs. Oh well…aha…thank you very much.
Of course with the restrictions with the carry ons I have to send him his cavalery hat, I think it is very disturbing, how a lot of things are running. It all has to do with the union from what I understand. So much for supporting our military. Just make their lives a little easier and don’t whine so much about heavy bags. It is sad I think…

It was sad the Goodbye, but it was short so that was good for all of us, so the soldiers could prepare for the processing and the flight.

In the afternoon I went to my beloved Kaffeeklatsch group and my friends cheered me up. I am really thankful for so wonderful friends
Next week I will have the Kaffeeklatsch for my b-day at my house…

Knittingwise I am still knitting socks like crazy and I am planning to knit more with beads…

From my last projects I didn’t make pics because I was a little late with mailing them out to my customer…

I wish everyone a happy and safe New year!
10.1.09 18:16

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