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No cable TV

Since two days I don't have cable TV anymore. I decided I don't need it while James is deployed.
When he is not here I am watching my German shows I am getting over The American news channels I can live without I can get what I need over the i-net directly, lol...
Right now I am reading more again also and I enjoy the quietness not always having the TV running.

I requested from the library, the new book from Kathy Reichs, Devil Bones and Ken Folletts book World without End, I inpatiently wait for both of them, lol...Right now I am reading books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I hardly can put the book to the side...Wheel of Darkness...

Right now I am stringing the beads on the yarn for my next project. I haven't decided on the pattern yet.
11.1.09 18:40

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